Posted by Achmad Rizal on 23.23
Sometimes, we have to be really really strong man. Living on this earth is not that easy as like you change side of your hand. It is more than a sacrifice to get a good mark in the class. I am now able to see how was me, doing a hard work till even successfully bring me to now on. I was just a son of a farmer and a house-wife, but I was not stop thinking to end my life by being like my parents are. They told me I should be more, much more than what they are now. I have to make a change story in my family line. I need to work harder on my education, started in my kindergarten until I could get a very worth job in the future. I am supposed to be somebody who should able to tell to sons and daughters that everything is possible if we believe It’s possible. Never let a trouble lead you to a give-up, because there is always way if we have the willingness. I believe that even something we imagine as something really big could even can be hold if we really made a strong passion be able to walk together with a hard work. 
Whatever you are willing to be, go with your passion. Give your very best motivation and hard work with you, always. Surely, you will get what you dream of. People may laugh at you in the in-front, but they will then follow you cause you make a really big change over by over in the time you have. No matter your profession right now, you are going to take your dream with you. Throw away your fear about anything. Face in front. You are really blessed, having so much friends and families who always support you. You are created in this world for a mission. No one in this world has no role. That is why, you have to be so much proud to live on this earth. Remember that you have to be a so much creative and innovative person. Make your environment so alive. Everything is all going to run easily. Keep being a cheer up person.


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