THE STORY OF UPES MUN 2014: It was From Zero

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Before Conference
I am going to tell you how excited I was for going to India to attend UPES MUN 2014
I typed “database MUN” in Google, then I found a website which contains many MUN websites for 2013-2014. I scrolled down the page, then I clicked one of them, UPESMUN 2014. I opened the website and I was feeling good to see the topics in the committees. I then clicked the registration button, filled all the requirements data then I submitted It. Not so long from that day, in the early January 2014, I got an email from the organizer of UPES MUN stating that I am accepted and going for representing Kenya in United Nations Commissions and Sustainable Development (UNCSD). You should know, I jumped because I was really really happy. “Yes, India, I am coming.” But then, I thought, I might not be able to go, because I don’t have any funds to support me. Basically I am from low to middle economical background of family. I got scholarship for studying in senior high school and college, a matter of result of struggling very hard, praying, studying and getting achievements. My parents now even be able to breath well, because I am able to go to college without any extra effort of payment. I dream someday, I will bring a change, be the difference, as far as It is good, why not? And for a matter of going to UPES MUN, how coould I attended this conference? How could I afford all the matters for going?
I made proposals to find sponsors which I hoped I could get that much money to go to India. I come to one company then to other companies to offer a scholarship or sponsors. I just come up very confidently. When the days is just getting closer, It’s one month left, but I hadn’t got any sponsors yet.
Some of my friends told me not to go. My father was feeling doubt with all of this. Many said that I should let this conference go and find other MUNs someday which further from this day, and It means that I still have much time to prepare. Many arguments raised I should stop finding sponsors for supporting me going to UPES MUN. It’s useless.
It was then 20 days left, and It seems impossible for me to continue this struggle. Whatever is that, I just let myself go, I don’t care what others talk and mock me. I went to immigration office in my city, making queue for one passport in hand. "This is going to be nice moment." It needs one week to complete making passport in my city, Surabaya, Indonesia. 
Unfortunately, I could not make any visa of India before I get my ticket. The problem is here, in the ticket. I then with brave, I don’t know what was in my mind, I went to travel agent and book a ticket of airplane for Delhi from Jakarta. I got Thai Airways, It’s the cheapest  airways I could get. In two days after that, I had to pay my booking ticket. When the day come, I still didn’t have any fund. While I was trying to get my passport, airplane and visa, I also still made my days left for finding any funds to support me. I also come up to my university main office, gave my proposal, and asked for a support. There was a long process of passing bureaucracy in my university until then I could submit my proposal.
In the end of January, there’s still no answers from any companies or institutions (which I put my proposal) to support me or not. I called their phones one by one. Then finally surprisingly, KSB Sampoerna Foundation, the name of a company in Jakarta, answered my proposal, they said that they would support my ticket for going and back, not only for Jakarta-Delhi, Delhi-Jakarta but also for Surabaya-Jakarta and Jakarta-Surabaya. It’s like a miracle.
One more thing, suddenly Beastudi Etos, the institution where I get scholarship now, also gave me some fees to support. After all were ready, my university signed my proposal and gave me some funds. Al last!!! Allah will always be with those who always struggle hard and remember Him whenever times.
One thing is to note, I was unable to make visa in my country due to limit of the time and funding in the days long before the conference. I had to go to Jakarta which is far from my hometown, and would take times and money more. Better use the time for researching the materials for the conference and trying to find other supports. I was then, made a decision to make a Visa on Arrival in Delhi. I read some blogs, It’s not difficult to make a Visa on Arrival. I have to try.
12 February 2014
Today, very early in the morning, at 04.30 am, I had to be ready to go to Juanda Airport, Surabaya. With Father, mother and my sister I arrived in front of the Domestic Departure Gate at 05.15 am. It was a really hard moment when I needed to leave my parents and sister to go check in. It’s going to be my first long journey, from Surabaya to Jakarta, Jakarta to Bangkok, Bangkok to New Delhi, then New Delhi to Dehradun. “Be Careful, take care yourself and don’t forget to always pray to Allah for your safety and success,” my mom said. My flight was at 06.45 am and I was ready in the waiting room since 05.45 am. You know, suddenly when I sat, seeing lion airs are awaiting in front of the waiting room, I checked my pocket, “Where’s my phone?” “Oh no, somebody stole my phone?” I was panic and didn’t know what to do. Phone is a very important  thing right know. It’s a tool to communicate with family in home and with the organizer of UPES MUN when I arrive in India. I was afraid I would be lost. It was 06.15 am. I almost gave up and didn’t want to take any risk, yes, I would go back home, meet my parents in front of the airport.
I stopped myself for a while. “Will I lose my big chance?” Then, “No!” I really don’t want my struggle before this would create nothing. I convinced myself I am going to be Ok. "I don’t have mobile phone with me, fine, but I still have Allah who will always take care of me, I believe." I took a breath deeply then announcement called all of passengers of Lion Air JT 571 to enter the cabin. I was trying to convince myself that everything will just run normally, everything will be OK, I will arrive safely in Dehradun, India. I entered to the cabin and took a seat. I was thinking how can I inform the organizer if I have arrived in Delhi without any phone. I doubt if there’s internet connection or not in Delhi airport. Even if there’s wifi or something in Delhi Airport, It’s also going to take time to get a reply. What If one of the organizer wasn’t online? I was thinking hard, till I suddenly had an Idea to buy phone, any phone, at least It is able to use when I arrive in Jakarta.
My airplane had taken off. I sat in the middle of three chairs in the right side of the cabin, all seats are the same, economy class. I was still keep in mind, how did I lose my phone. I thought, It might be lost when I checked in, took a payment gave my baggage. Many people were there and It was crowded.
“Welcome to Sokarno-Hatta International Airport, thank you for flying with Lion Air.” I heard the last sentence for the announcement before leaving the cabin. I arrived in Soekarno-Hatta, Jakarta at 08.15 am. An hour ten minutes flight. I went out of the cabin and took my baggage. “I still had time to go for buying phone.”But before I left the terminal, I heard an announcement saying that there’s a phone left, for those who lose any phone, you may contact security.” Suddenly, “Is that my phone,” I said to myself. I went to one of the security and asked for the clarification of the previous announcement. He asked me to go and ask to lost and found room. In the way of going to lost and found room, you know what?
Huhhhhhh….. I found my phone. It’s not in Lost and found room. It’s not lost. It’s in my bag, inside my bag, just below my bread. Oh God thanks. Can you imagine how happy I was? “Yes, my life.” How stupid I was, tried to find my phone in the lost and found room in Jakarta in while I knew that I lost It in Surabaya.” I just thought any possibilities, may be, somebody found my phone fell and gave It to the security and took It with all of the passengers to Jakarta. Hahaha… The Important thing is, I have found my phone. Ok, I could breath well. Yes. Then, I sms my parents to inform I have already in Jakarta.

Lion Air, was with me for the trip Surabaya-Jakarta

I was ready for the next flight to Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Bangkok, Thailand. I went to terminal two of Soekarno-Hatta Airport by airport bus. Ok, I arrived at about 09.30 am. I was waiting until 11.45 am to get inside for the check in. The person in front of me said, “Are you alone, for what reason you go to India? No visa? Hmh, this is a new passport. You still have not any experiences going abroad.” He seemed unsure to let me go. I answered confidently to convince him, the person who is responsible for giving me the boarding pass, “Yes I am alone sir. Don’t worry I’ll be Ok. My friend will pick me up in New Delhi airport and will take me with him to go to Dehradun. I will make a Visa on Arrival in New Delhi.” Suddenly, he called a woman wearing the same uniform, they did something which, I don’t know in front of the computer. Three minutes after silence, they gave me my boarding pass and showed me where should I go.
I was holding a Thai Airways TG 434 boarding pass and went to the waiting room. Twenty minutes after that, all passenger were called to enter the cabin, business class first, then economy. Surely, I took the economy class. I went inside the cabin and took my seat. Not so long after that, Thai Airways TG 434 flew with me to Bangkok. I was very happy to be able to take a chance to fly with this kind of big and luxurious airs. 

Thai Airways

I spent two hours and fifty five minutes to reach Bangkok. After taking long journey to Bangkok, I went to the next airplane which is bigger in size than before, Thai Airways TG 315. Unfortunately I only spent three and half hours in Bangkok. It was only for transit. Before flying, I sent message to my mom, I gave the information that I had already in Bangkok and ready for the next flight. While in the airport, I also tried to connect to the internet wifi, just to send message to the UPES MUN organizer, to inform that I had reached Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport. At 8.40 pm I leaved Bangkok to go to the next Airport.
I will not say I am tired whatever It is, because I am happy to come for this conference. It's been so long for me to wait a chance for being able going abroad. This flight took me in the cabin for three hours and fifty five minutes long. Suddenly, It’s 11.40 pm in the late night. “Yes, I am in India,” I screamed to myself.
Directly after that, I went to make a visa on arrival (VoA).
13 February 2014
Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, India - I took a form of visa on arrival then filled in all the blank parts. I had put all of the requirements in one red-map, two photos sized passport, passport with validity minimum of six months and the copies, hotel reservation, ticket for going back to Indonesia, and bank statement saying how much money do I have in the bank. Ok, then I ready to show them to the person in charge. He, the person behind the VoA table said, “Your form and passport please.” I was waiting him to ask me for more things, like photos and others. “Sixty dollars please.” Then I gave him my money.
“Here is your visa, you now go to that side and don’t make any queue, just enter.” He said. “Oh God, thanks.” I breathed. I was thinking what if I fail to make the VoA, will I be departed back to Indonesia? Fortunately, making VoA is not as difficult as I think. I wasn’t even been asked for others thing instead of passport, form and sixty dollars. Then, I went to immigration checker, I showed him my passport. I successfully entered India safely. 

 India Visa on Arrival, made in New Delhi

I took my baggage and went to the public phone. I made a call to inform Raghav Chawla, the secretary general of UPES MUN 2014. Before, I used to contact him for any information inquiries. I also said to him I have done my VoA. He said “Congratulation Rizal. Welcome to India. There’ll be two persons from UPES come to you to pick you up from the airport going to Dehradun. They’ll come at 06.00 am.” I talked with him for a while and then paid thirty rupees for that call. 

Indhira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi 
It was 01.00 am, and I was very sleepy. But, still, I saw many people in the airport. I walked around and tried to get sightseeing. Then I took a seat and set an alarm to wake me up at 05.30 am. I slept on my seat with my suitcase and bag in front of me.
It’s 05.00 am, I woke up before my alarm. I went to toilet and took some water for wudlu. Then I went out to get a seat. I prayed Shubuh.
“Have you reached Delhi, are you Ok?” My mom said in sms. “Oh God, I forget to send message to mom.” “Yes, I have reached Delhi. I am safe. Visa on Arrival was easy to make and I am here right now waiting for the two persons from the organizer to pick me up to Dehradun.” “Ok, keep in touch, always.”
Then other sms: “Ok, I am walking,” I sent to reply Raghav’s sms saying “Please go outside from gate number 13. They are waiting.”
It was 06.05 am. Suddenly wind passed me by, wush, very cold. It was 6 degrees celcius in Delhi. I wore my jacket tight. I turned around, then finally I found a person with his friend said ‘Hi’ to me. Yes, they are Anshuman and Abinav, the two persons from UPES. They were with papers of my photo, my name, the copy of my passport and my ticket.
“How cold this is! What about Dehradun? The same temperature with this?” I talked to them. “Dehradun is much colder,” said them with smile. They suddenly took me into a bus. We were talking in the bus on the way to the interstate. About thirty minutes after that, I arrived in the interstate and ready for the real journey to Dehradun. “We are going to spend about eight hours by this bus,”Said one of them. ”What a long journey.” I replied. Oke let’s go.
In the middle of the way going to Dehradun, the bus stopped for taking a rest awhile, exactly in front of the food court. I came down, and went to the food court. These two young boys treated me for a breakfast. They were being so kind to me. After eating, we came back to the bus to continue till Dehradun. I was feeling excited to see that city. When I was in my hometown, I used to browse what Dehradun is like. What are good from It, what are the foods, the tourism places and anything.
My bus then took a stop. I came down and took auto. In Indonesia, It’s like Jakarta’s Bajaj. I imagine for a while, how cold the temperature in the night will be, because I felt that this afternoon, when It’s still bright, the temperature is eight degrees Celsius. Not so long after that, finally, I arrived in the hotel. I checked in and was feeling excited to enter my room. Room number 501, Hotel Drona, fifth floor. In front of the room, I met a guy, stood, wearing a jacket, with shoes. “Hi, I am Harry,” He said. “I am Rizal,” I replied back. He is my roommate, student of UTM. 
The night come, my very thick blanket could not even save me from the cold. “At least, I feel better with this blanket.” Before sleeping, I opened my papers, all materials that I had already prepared for this MUN. I read again and tried to break the agenda into points of sub-agendas. “Also, I made a speech, because I want myself to be in the General Speakers List. I just don’t want to let this chance pass by, and there’s nothing I learn. I want to try anything, I don’t care whether I’ll do faults or not. The point is that I’ll always try my best.”  
14 February 2014
More people come to the hotel. It means, more delegates are coming. This day I just took a rest a lot to prepare for my conference tomorrow. Sometimes, I came to the room next to my room for just saying Hi to others and you know what they did? Most of them said, which I don’t know what was It, in Hindi to me. They thought I come from India. “Am I look like an Indian? Sure?,” I was asking to myself. “Yes Rizal, you are similar,” I said to myself. I laughed. That’s why in the beginning of my introduction, I always say I am from Indonesia. By that, no more people speak Hindi to me from that time, they’ll speak English.
I still use my spare times in this day for studying. I tried to be familiar with the MUN style. In High School, I joined debate competition, but It’s going to be different with this. Model UN requires me to browse more, research more and learn more. I watched videos in my laptop one by one. Those videos were downloaded to help me understand the debate flow in MUN. I Watched them again and again. 
15 February 2014
I saw my room was very dark. Lights off. It was still 04.45 am in the morning. I woke up then stretched my arms. Still, the weather was really killing me. My friend said It was 0 degree Celsius in the night. “Take a bath? You dare killing yourself. Not to take a bath? It’s bad, and you are going to go for a conference.” My feet stepped forward to the bathroom whatever It is. I took a hot shower and Thank God It really helps.
Buses were ready since 06.45 am. I went downstairs, together with some friends from the same floor, fifth. Some of them have experienced MUN for more than one time and some of them were the same as me, the first timer. Almost all are Indian. They come from many different states in India. “Oh God, will I be the only foreigner?” 
It seems no different. I wore the same kind of costume like others. And face? Ok you can say, I am also almost the same with them. Before, many of them chatted me by Hindi, and that become an introspection to myself. “You have to start talking, not them, and use English please,” I said to myself.
Indians, my first impression, they were nice and talkative. I don’t know this is because they are all debaters or basically all people like to talk. I was trying to mingle and ask a sharing from those who had done MUN more than one time. “Don’t worry, many of the delegates here are still the first-timer, you are not the only one. The chair will start with question how many of you are still the first-timer, second, third and so on,” said somebody stood right next to me.
We entered the bus, wind blew crossing my face. I saw everything around. I took a video for the whole 45 minutes trip to the UPES campus until a beautiful grey-green buildings with two mountains behind are in front of me. I arrived in the UPES campus. It’s exactly the same as with the pictures and videos I downloaded before, the gates, the buildings, the statue and the scenery. 

Left: Me, Right: Harry
All delegates entered the food court and took a breakfast. Some of Indians who had already known that I am Indonesian asked me, “You are Ok with the food?” “Yes, why not? It’s nice.”
I thought I got adapted with the situation in India. I used to talk to many of my friends from India. They are all very nice and came from many backgrounds with their uniqueness. All delegates from all committees then were asked to enter the ceremonial room. International delegates sat in front. I was alone. One minute after that, many of non-Indians were coming. They sat next to me. “Ok, finally I am not the only one.” There were about 20 foreigners. They come from Sudan, Iran, Afghanistan and Bhutan.

University of Petroleun and Energy Studies (UPES)

Opening Ceremony: International Delegates

After the opening ceremony, I entered the UNCSD room and met the other 47 delegates, representing many countries from over the world. I was ready to face my first MUN. I was very confident.
Roll Call, “Republic of Kenya,” called my chair. “Present.” My chair was an amazing person. She is very experienced with MUN. My vice chair was a first-year student from Delhi. He also had done MUN many times. The debate then started. My name was the third the first GSL (General Speakers List). I started my speech, sixty seconds only. “The delegate of Kenya yield the time back to the chair.” See, I did It. It was a good start this day. 

Just Before the Comference Began
Many of the delegates spoke very confidently. I took some of the chances to speak. My first MUN really made me to I am now. I learnt a lot of things. You don’t need to be worry to be the first-timer. You don’t need to be shy to say any arguments, whatever you have researched, come, say It. You have to behave like a diplomat of a country, never do an unimportant thing, be able to get along with the debate situation and the unmoderated caucus, do the negotiation well.
In the first session, I was with many resources on my hand. One book of sustainable development in Kenya, one pack of background guide, pen, laptop and some blank papers.
The second session began. I thought, too many papers in hand is not good and just made me more confuse. I put some of them inside. Just some blank papers and pen on the table. I tried to remember what I had studied before the conference. In this session I also had one unmoderated caucus.
The day’s getting dark. Some felt tired for this day conference. We all went back to the hotel by bus.

 In the end of day-1 conference
16 February 2014
I woke up, I smiled. “I am still in India. It’s not a dream. Get up.” I said to myself. “Wake Up Rizal,” my roommate said. He had done taking a bath. “Ok now, my turn.”
Everything’s done, I was ready to see the bus. I came downstairs, met all the delegates then went inside the bus. Just the same as the first day, I took a seat inside and talked to other delegates inside the bus. They were impressed by me because I came to India for this conference. I told them that there’s nothing special, I just come and attended the conference.
The bus arrived in front of the campus gate. It was not as cold as yesterday. One of my friend said It was nine degrees Celsius. We all come to the food court and took or breakfast. I tried to find new guys to talk with, till then I found a person in my committee, delegate of Haiti, the student of UPES, said Hi to me. “Have you looked around this campus?” He started asking. “Not Yet.” Then he replied, “I’ll take you around after this.” I was very happy to meet somebody and he was available offering me to look around the campus. Although yesterday I had visited the campus, but It was not covering all places. To come to India is a blessed and a chance which should not just seen as a piece-of-cake thing. That’s why I need to use my time very wisely and effectively to do as much things as possible.
We were done eating, delegate of Kenya and delegate of Haiti were then ready to get around. I He showed me every building in the campus including the library and the laboratories. May be I was the only one among all delegates who come from outside UPES who see all the parts of the campus. It was so fortune meeting this guy.
After sightseeing, we went to the room and took a seat, be ready for this day conference.  One by one delegates were coming inside and then my chair started with the roll call like yesterday. We were doing GSL, moderated and unmoderated caucus, and what made this day different was that We were making a draft resolution which was then been discussed by the committee members and It was then voted to be the resolution.
After all sessions done, delegates were moving, went to others and asked for an impression after meeting in a committee, Facebook, email and many other things. We hope we would not lose contact after this committee ended. Privately, I was really happy meeting people in this conference. They, indirectly taught me a lot of things like confidence, public speaking, lobbying, and researching which I may not get in other chances.
The time for the closing ceremony had come. In this time also, organizers announced all the winners in every committee. Three other committees were announced first, then the last was UNCSD, the committee I was belong to. “Ok, special mention may be,” I said confidently to myself. All the winners were announced, except the Best delegate, the very last announcement. I realized that time, I was only the first-timer and just wanted to get as much experienceas I can in this conference. Suddenly, I heard the announcement, “Congratulation, the best delegate is our International Delegate, ‘Rizal’.” Shocked, speechless, nothing can be done, stuck, and suddenly warm, can’t imagine, how come, Is that? Oh my. I stood up and then come on stage. “Congratulation.” I never imagined I could stand for this winner. I couldn’t believe It was my name’s announced. I then received the trophy and come back to my seat. I was thinking, “Is this true? How come?” I came to meet my chair, vice chair, and the secretary general, I asked Is this true? Nevertheless, I actually didn’t get their points while they were explaining. There must be something wrong which was not told to me. I felt I was still, feel illegible to receive this all. I just didn’t know what to do. For some reasons I was happy, for other reasons I was not, too. I was upset, and went back to the hotel with still keep every moment happened recently in my mind. My friend, sat beside me in the bus, calmed me down. He told me everything that had made me able to get smile again.  

The Trophy: Best Delegate of UNCSD UPES MUN 2014
After reaching Hotel, I was still keep thinking. But then I just wanted to let It go by making some jokes with my friends. I went to the room of 502 and 503. You know how did I feel, mixed. I didn’t know whether I should be happy, sad or what. I just put my trophy in my bag , took It in my room, then I went to my friends’ room. I just didn’t want to get stress. We were making jokes, telling stories about India and Indonesia, movies I had watched, actors and actress in India. We were talking a lot and they had successfully made me feel good. 

Hotel Drona, Dehradun, Uttarakhan, North India
After doing some funs, I went back to my room and met my roommate. I told him what happened recently. “Look, you have done many researches, you studied until night, woke up in the morning and your papers with you to read, you have participated in the conference, raised a motion, did a working paper, was included in GSL. Then what? All of those were all a pay for all of your hard working. Why don’t you just think so?” My roommate said, convincing me that I was actually eligible for that price. I was being silent. 
17 February 2014
Harry, my roommate and Pallavi, Harry’s college mate, would check out from hotel today. They needed to go to UPES and stay there for some reasons. So, I would be alone.
Nevertheless, It was not that bad. I came their room 502 and 503 and met them, three guys, Singh, Sailend, and Vikram. They then took me to Buddha temple then to watch Robocop in cinema. They basically come from out of Dehradun, even out of Uttarakhan (The name of the state where Dehradun is in). They didn’t know any area in Dehradun, but They sacrificed their last hours for me to did anything to take me around Dehradun and let me feel This is India. They would be back to their town at 08.20 pm (If I am not mistaken) by train. Using the rest time left, they even got engage in debate to take a decision where to go. But then we all come back and reached hotel at 05.30 pm. We felt exhausted and took some rest for a while. Fortunately, they left me this video and It’s really meaningful to me, as means I have ever met them and we were friends, and will always friends. 

Singh, one of them also gave me this.

 A statue, typical India

It was 07.30 pm. We woke up and then they checked out from the hotel. I was accompanying until the hotel gate. Saying bye, and we hope someday we’ll meet again in other chances. 
18 February 2014
Today I didn’t had any friends to go outside with. Harry and Pallavi had gone to UPES and others had been back home.
It was in the afternoon, I walked along the fifth floor. Then, surprisingly I met Soni, Abhi, and two other girls (You need to tell me again your name, haha… We were not spending much time, together, that’s why I forget. I am sorry. Many Indians’ name were difficult for me to remember). I was talking with them and took some lunch together. They told me about Ticka (tell me If I there’s error spelling) and many Indian foods.
In the afternoon I met Harry and Pallavi. What a surprise. They came to my room. We talked a little bit and I said I wanted to have some things to bring back to Indonesia, at least for my parents. Then we went out and Pallavi took me to some shops to get something and thanks for giving me this.

From Pallavi

 In the evening we came back to the hotel. Pallavi took a public vehicle to continue going to UPES.
This day I was still with no idea how will I reach Delhi tomorrow. I need to be in the airport at 07.00 pm. My flight will be at 00.55 am in the next day. Fotunatetly, Pallavi told me that I would be with her and Harry to go by train tomorrow. What a miracle!
Suddenly somebody came in and surprisingly, It’s Harry. He would stay this night in this hotel and would go together with me and Pallavi by train tomorrow at 05.10 am. 
19 February 2014
Very early in the morning, Harry and I woke up and left the hotel at 04.30 am. We walked to the train station and found Pallavi had already inside the train. She showed me my ticket, then I asked, “How could you get this on the spot?”
I didn’t know what they did to me. It seems, I can take a conclusion that they are a very sweet persons, did many sacrifices for me. Even, Harry asked me to sit in his seat which was next to Pallavi and he sat I don’t know where in the train. After that, we arrived in Delhi.

The Train
We took some Indian foods in some food courts in the station. Not so long after that Harry showed me the way out of the Delhi Railway Station. Before, I said bye to Pallavi. He took a vehicle (auto) which then drove me to Delhi Airport. This was the time I had to say bye. 

 Auto: I went to the airport by this

I would be alone going to the airport, Harry and Pallavi would continue their train to their next destination. It’s actually not goodbye nor the end. There must some other chances to meet.

New Delhi Railway Station: Before going to airport 
I went to the airport, arrived in the afternoon, took a rest for a while, and in the evening, I went inside, checked in, went inside the airplane, then went to Jakarta with one transit in Bangkok. 
20 February 2014
It was 11.55 am. I had been in Jakarta, ready for the next airplane. I was with lion air for the flight to Surabaya and finally arrived at 06.00 pm in the evening. I met my parents and they were very excited to hear my story.
After Conference
Thank you very much to all of the UPES MUN 2014 organizers, friends and sorry if I had any mistakes while I was in India. Stay friends always. Thanks for providing all the best services and the great conference. Hope to see you all next time.
Big thanks to:

·         Allah SWT
·         My Parents and family
·         My Campus: ITS, Surabaya
·         KSB Sampoena Foundation
·         Beastudi Etos Dompet Dhuava
·         UPES MUN 2014 Organizers
·         And all of my friends

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