Posted by Unknown on 03.42

Hallo All. Let me first show you my name. I am Achmad Rizal Mustaqim, used to call Rizal. I am now studying Mechanical Engineering in 10th of November Institute of Technology, Surabaya. Here is my new blog. I hope you all will be interested reading my posts.

Let me tell you more about me. I was born in a very warm family on July 3rd, 1994. I live in Bangil, Pasuruan. It is about one and a half hour driving from Surabaya, the capital City of East Java. I love doing badminton and Karate for sport and not to forget to always love painting. I used to paint kaligrafi and mural, because I realize that art is an expression, and for me It’s a must to have.

Someday I want to be an Engineer. I want to be included in the Indonesian development on humanitarian resources about technology and communication. I love public speaking, as I now used to use It as a tool to communicate and persuade people. I started being active on public speaking and organizing events since I was in Junior High School.

Students basically have to contribute to country and society. That’s why starting to be somebody different must now to begin. Get experiences a lot, studying hard for the very best academic result and have a happy days to be included in comunities.

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